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Sutherland Mazda Finance & Insurance

Drive easy with our range of finance and insurance packages tailored to suit your budget. Our certified Business Managers are highly trained in providing a range of options to ensure you make an informed decision that’s right for you.

Sutherland Mazda Finance and Insurance

The team at Sutherland Mazda can assist you with your finance and insurance needs. 

At Sutherland Mazda we will provide you with a friendly, professional approach to obtaining finance for your next purchase with us.

Our product range covers all types of business and individual finance, and has you covered with a comprehensive insurance product to suit your budget for Mazda vehicle.

Mazda Finance

Here at Sutherland Mazda, we can offer a wide range of competitive finance options on your Mazda purchase, to ensure you get a car finance deal that suits you. Contact us for more information.

Car Insurance at Sutherland Mazda

If you love the feeling of Zoom-Zoom, make sure it's protected by the people who inspired it. To purchase any of the Mazda Insurance Plans below, please contact Sutherland Mazda.

Insurance Options


Choose from a variety of covers designed exclusively for Mazda drivers.

Insurance Options


Nobody knows your Mazda better than our specialist team of technicians.

Insurance Options


Keep your Zoom-Zoom alive with the parts and panels that created it in the first place.

Mazda Prestige Motor Insurance

Designed exclusively for Mazda drivers, this plan is the ideal solution for those looking to safeguard their zoom-zoom in the event of accidental damage or theft.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Guaranteed Mazda Genuine Parts on all repairs
  • Comprehensive repairs with Mazda Genuine Parts
  • 3 years new-for-old vehicle replacement
  • Full cover for either its Market or Agreed Value
  • A monthly payment plan at no extra cost
  • Your choice of repairer
  • A quick and simple claims process
  • A flexible excess to suit your budget

View the full policy document and product disclosure statement(s).

For your maximum convenience, our finance and insurance solutions are housed under one roof, with fast and efficient approvals available seven days a week – so that you can start enjoying your car, as soon as possible.

As a valued Sutherland Mazda customer, we commit to providing you with a credit reference for any future loans you may wish to take out. With a reference from us, you’ll enjoy the financial freedom of picking and choosing from a wider range of loans.


Our Business Managers are happy to help with a complimentary, no-obligation capacity assessment to ascertain your borrowing power. Our fixed repayment loans include:

  1. Consumer Finance
  2. Leasing
  3. Hire Purchase
  4. Chattel Mortgage