Finance & Insurance at Sutherland Mazda

Sutherland Mazda Finance & Insurance

Drive easy with our range of finance and insurance packages tailored to suit your budget. Our certified Business Managers are highly trained in providing a range of options to ensure you make an informed decision that’s right for you.

For your maximum convenience, our finance and insurance solutions are housed under one roof, with fast and efficient approvals available seven days a week – so that you can start enjoying your car, as soon as possible.

As a valued Sutherland Mazda customer, we commit to providing you with a credit reference for any future loans you may wish to take out. With a reference from us, you’ll enjoy the financial freedom of picking and choosing from a wider range of loans.


Our Business Managers are happy to help with a complimentary, no-obligation capacity assessment to ascertain your borrowing power. Our fixed repayment loans include:

  1. Consumer Finance
  2. Leasing
  3. Hire Purchase
  4. Chattel Mortgage