Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

At Sutherland Mazda, you can be sure that you receive the best care possible for your Mazda. We’ll provide you with as much advice as we can, so that you continue to get the most from your motor. Here are some tips to keep in mind, so that your Zoom-Zoom Mazda experience continues to bring you optimal value for money and ongoing satisfaction.

Give Your Mazda Some ZOOM-ZOOM!

Visit A Mazda Technician

No-one understands a Mazda like a Mazda service technician. All Sutherland Mazda technicians are factory-trained and highly skilled in providing the best possible care for your motor, without the risk of overlooking something.

Regularly Service Your Mazda

Servicing your Mazda regularly is the best way to ensure long-term performance of your motor. Not only will you benefit from peace of mind that your Mazda is safe – you’ll enjoy a more fuel efficient motor that still has the Zoom-Zoom factor, years down the line.

Maintain Good Driving Habits

Don’t underestimate the importance of good driving habits, in maintaining the performance of your Mazda.  Ensure that you drive smoothly, keep an eye on your water and oil gauges, always park in gear, avoid hard revving when cold and steer clear from gutters, kerbs and bumps.

Get Clever With Fuel

Make sure you choose the right fuel for your Mazda and more importantly, take some simple steps to ensure that your Mazda makes the most of it. Avoid aggressive acceleration, regularly check your tyre pressures, avoid heavy loads where you can and remove roof racks when not in use.  Perhaps the most important step of all is to avoid excessive idling. If you are stationary for more than a handful of seconds, switch off your Mazda engine.

Interior & Exterior Care

There are plenty ways in which you can ensure your Mazda stays in great shape – inside and out.  Keeping your paintwork in good condition is the best way to protect your motor from erosion, acid rain and chemicals. Ensure that you always remove insects before washing and thoroughly rinse soap off using a soft cloth and lukewarm water. Use a chamois or soft towel to wash your Mazda at least once a month, and of course always be mindful of your local water consumption. We always recommend hand or brushless washing. If you choose to visit an automated car wash, ensure that the brushes are soft.

When waxing your Mazda, use a high quality, natural wax. Coat evenly with a soft cloth or clean sponge, then buff off with a soft cloth. We recommend waxing your Mazda once a year if your car is kept undercover, or twice a year if your car is left outside. Vacuuming your Mazda’s carpet regularly will not only preserve your car’s appearance but will help prevent rust.